Plotting data

Create a graph from File ‣ New Graph or the new graph button on the toolbar.

Click the Add Data button on the toolbar and select the worksheet(s) and columns to plot, then click “Add” and close.


You can also plot data by dragging a worksheet on to the graph. If no columns are set as ‘x’ or ‘y’, the default is to use the first column as x all the rest as y.


You can also plot by right clicking a columns and selecting Plot


To zoom in a graph, select the zoom tool on the toolbar.

  • To zoom in: drag with the left mouse button
  • To zoom out: Shift + drag with the left mouse button
  • To auto zoom to fit the data, double click in the graph, or press Z

With the right mouse button, you can pan around (if you click and drag near the middle of the plot) or push/pull the axes (click and drag near an axis).


You can also zoom in and out by pressing the + and - keys

Setting data range

Choose the range tool on the toolbar. Then, you can set the visible range of the selected datasets using the mouse:

  • set minimum x: left mouse button
  • set maximum x: right mouse button
  • reset to full range: double click on plot

You can show and hide curves from the context menu, or using the keyboard shortcuts S (Show), H (Hide), and O (show Only).


Changing curve styles


Axis and graph properties

_images/graphprops_axes.png _images/graphprops_format.png

Keyboard Shortcuts in Graphs

Key Action
1, 2, 3 Select, Zoom, Range tools
A Select all curves
I Invert selection
H Hide curve(s)
S Show curve(s)
O Show Only
M Mark
Z Auto Zoom (Shift+Z : auto zoom to selected curves)
+ / - Zoom in / out
K / L Change x / y axis between linear and log

Shortcuts for setting curve properties

Key Action
C + number (0-9) Set color of selected curves
C + right arrow Set series of colors for selected curves
C + up/down arrow Next/previous color
B + number (0-9) Set symbol
B + right arrow Set series of symbols
B + up/down arrow Next/previous symbol
X + number (0-9) Set symbol size
X + up/down arrow Increase/decrease symbol size

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